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Training of the ARTEM project in Pau (France)

The training of the ARTEM project for professionals and volunteers with and without a migratory background in the French city of Pau was carried out between September 9 and 15, 2019. This was aimed at training professionals from the project partner countries so that they can apply this same intercultural training in their local contexts.

Thus, the training has had joint sessions in which people with and without a history of migration have shared information and resources to professionally address the issue of migration. In this first part, the presentation of the L'Accorderie platform, one of the project partners, has contributed to the idea of ​​a local time bank.

In a second part of the training, the group has been divided in two to work on the one hand the issue of interculturality, and on the other the maps of digital stories, which in this case are made with a platform called COV'ON. The participants had the opportunity to develop their own maps and share it in some cases with the rest of the group. The maps of stories facilitate the work with groups of people who come to Europe from other places and for the professionals it helps them to understand the dimension and the vital importance that these people have carried out.

To conclude, the training course was closed with the presentation of the online tool developed by the Italian partner Replay Network and that will serve as a time bank for the exchange of small favors between the local community of the participating countries and those people They just arrived from other countries.

ARTEM It is a long-term strategic project whose main objective is the development of an interactive space between people born in Europas and migrants to create employment based on a dynamic mutual process. This project, co-financed by the Erasmus + program of the European Commission and coordinated by the French organization Pistes Solidaires, has the participation of eight European partners and raises a series of activities throughout its two years.

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