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Artem Access is one of the main outputs of ARTEM. It consists on a multilingual platform that promotes and facilitates the encounter between newly arrived migrants and their hosting communities. Artem access is the online meeting point for them to create links and exchange time through an actual exchange of time.

Artem Access is a time bank in which a person who has a particular skill, knowledge or service to offer, can share them through a settled system that, although conceived at a European level, operates in a local level. This time bank is not a typical communal exchange of services as other platform and initiatives of their kind; it also offers tools for effective integration of migrants.

What is the purpose of ARTEM ACCESS?

Artem Access is an open resource providing training tools in the field of migrants’ integration through the development of intercultural competences. The platform contains:

  • a methodological framework developed through a research of the needs of professionals/ volunteers and of migrants regarding intercultural training useful in the process of integration.

  • a training tool for migrants based on stories of digital mapping to encourage the recognition of their “artem” (talent, know-how, competences, experiences).

  • training modules on intercultural competences for migrants and professionals/volunteers involved in supporting the integration of migrants within the local community.

  • a policy paper with recommendations for associations and policy makers.

How does Artem Access work?

It is based on voluntary services, providing a time-credit balance for the users, starting from a free-credit initial amount. From here, the user can get one time-credit for each offer uploaded or any service provided to a member of the community. Registration is free and compulsory.

The artemisers (members of the community) can browse through different service categories: gardening, sports and leisure activities, pet sitting, caring and support, community and social, art and culture, education and languages, information and technologies, house aid and maintenance.

Who can take part on Artem Access?

Everyone living in the areas targeted by the project within the countries involved. The person interested has to register, accept the data treatment for the platform's purpose and start uploading offers. The user's interface of the platform is very friendly, providing a map view with pins to easily identify the services that have been uploaded, as well as a list with pictures and user's comments and experiences.

A core aim of Artem Access is getting closer to the local communities involved by speaking their language. Therefore, the platform is available in every language of the partnership: German, Bulgarian, Danish, Spanish, French, Italian and Slovenian. 

ARTEM ACCESS PLATFORM is the fourth Intellectual Output of the project and is coordinated by the association REPLAY Network.

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