Improving the quality and promoting the interaction between local communities and newly arrived migrants



ARTEM Project works towards improving the integration of migrants in the local communities through 3 key aspects: reinforcing the intercultural competences of the professionals and volunteers who host migrants, enhancing the skills of migrants and creating connections between the local and migrant communities.

The project will made use of a system of exchanges of NON-MARKET services encountered on the online platform “ARTEM ACCESS” to support the achievement of its aims and objectives.


• To make an inventory of the training needs of people hosting newly arrived migrants,                 especially in intercultural matters.
• To develop a holistic training process for local communities and their newly arrived                     migrants to contribute to a better social (and professional) integration, in the form of                 STUDY FOCUS GROUPS, which will allow to know the state of the art and skills, each                 other’s needs and collect experiences
• To develop a training tool for migrants through stories by digital cartography,
   the so called process of DIGITAL STORY MAPPING, to improve the
   recognition of their own «Artem» (talent, know-how, skills, experiences...).
   This specific tool will guide the final outcome of the project, the DIGITAL PLATFORM itself
• To set up a MULTILINGUAL PLATFORM of exchanges to contact between
   local communities and migrants around concrete learning experiences
   based on skills and know-how.

By spreading the project’s success and outcomes a new horizon of opportunities will be created, involving new partnerships, giving an example model to extend moreover the results itself. Other organizations will be able to benefit from the overview of the activities and experiences of the project.



ARTEM has been designed to improve the quality and promote the interaction between hosting communities and newly arrived migrants. The project forsees the following actions to meet the objectives established.

Focus groups

Story Mapping

artem access

policy paper




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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views of the author only, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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